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Rising Three Methods
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Pattern: continuation
Reliability: high

A long white day in an uptrend is followed by three relatively small candles that move opposite the overall trend but stay within the range of the first day. The fifth day is a long white day that closes above the close of the first day and continues the uptrend.

The Psychology
In an uptrend, a long white day is followed by a brief pullback (preferably on lightish volume). The fifth day simply continues the trend. The brief pullback is nothing more than a few days off for the bulls.

The bullish Rising Three Methods is similar to the bullish Mat Hold.

Some of these candlestick patterns don't form too often. We tried hard to find a Rising Three Methods formation but have failed so far. So we are using a Rising “two” Methods to serve as an example. Note the move up in early June got close to 80 but was rejected. Then the 80 level was solidified as being noteworthy when the stock traded above and below the level for 6 consecutive days later in the month. It should then come as no surprise that the Rising Methods formed and used 80 as support before moving up.








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