Guidelines to Successful Trading - the Intangibles

Welcome to Guidelines to Successful Trading - the Intangibles.

Trading is part science, part art. It's part mechanical, part intangible.

The mechanical part is easy. Charts. Indicators. The usual stuff.

But something seems to be off because if everyone has access to the same charts and the same information, why do some traders make generational money while others consistently lose year after year?

It's because the intangible part is more important. This is what sets the stage and is the glue that puts everything together.

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There are 74 audio essays. Here are some of the major topics.

When is the best time to learn trading?
Mental models, trading metaphors.
The need to specialize in doing one thing well.
Being aware of anchoring.
Embracing pullbacks, because they set the stage for big profits.
The steps to superior returns.
The myth of predicting the market.
The essense of good trading.
The need to be objective and see what's there, not what you think or hope.
Embracing lumpy returns.
Notes on entries, taking profits and placing stops.
Relative strength, group strength and the rotation of money.
The need to be in sync with the market conditions.
What's better - a top-down approach or bottom-up approach.
Skill vs luck.

...and many more.

74 audio essays you can listen to in the car, while going for a walk or whenever you have a quiet moment.

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The intangibles set the stage, give you perspective and provide the glue that puts everything together.

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