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Your Source For Trading Ideas

Since 2002, Leavitt Brothers has been a boutique research firm which has offered market analysis and trading ideas to hedge funds, financial advisors and full- and part-time independent traders.

A Subscription Includes...

  • Daily and Weekly Reports - using technical analysis, we identify the major and minor trends, the staying power of those trends and the stage the market is at within its cycles (is it likely to continue, rest or reverse). Armed with this information, we publish a report after the market close Monday-Thursday and then a more lengthy report over the weekend. We have no agenda. We call it as we see it and have been on the right side of every trend since the site's inception.

  • Long and Short Set Ups - with knowledge of the trends and which groups are leading and lagging, we narrow the universe of tradable stocks to about 10-15 top candidates every week. All set ups are posted in chart form with entries, stops and targets and are updated daily.

Top notch analysis and actionable trading ideas. Subscribe to Leavitt Brothers and put our 13 years of experience to work for you.

All new memberships come with a 2-week free trial.