Leavitt Brothers Video Overview

You want to be a trader; you want to trade the stock market. You want to jump in the arena with hedge funds, physics PhD's and everyone else looking to get rich. I get it.

Unless you have a freakishly special talent, trading is probably your best bet at truly making a lot of money, not to mention just grow your portfolio long term.

But trading is hard.

It's hard physically - it's 6-1/2 hours/day, 250 days/year, and while you're not actually trading all the time, you're probably reading or researching or watching or thinking or doing something trading related.

It's hard emotionally - what other job has you content one day and down in the dumps two days later?

It's hard mentally - this is a performance activity. It doesn't matter what you did in the past, you have to show up every day and every week and perform. And you're constantly told you're wrong or that you failed - can you have handle that? There's an overwhelming amount of information to digest, and it may require knowledge outside your domain. And even if you simplify things by being a chartist like us, the market constantly changes, and it's impossible to keep tabs on everything yourself.

Whether you like it or not, this is a full-time job, even if you trade part time. And if you try to do it yourself, you'll completely wear yourself out.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could outsource some of your research and be part of a trading group?

Wouldn't it be nice to not just subscribe to a service that objectively analyzed the market without a hidden agenda, but also join a club where you could be surrounded by other like-minded traders to bounce ideas off of, be alerted of important happenings, or just derive energy from?

Let's face it. Traders are a different breed. You wouldn't be here if you were just like everyone else. You wouldn't be here if you wanted to just index your money to the S&P 500 and put it on autopilot for 30 years.

LB is a boutique research firm that offers trading ideas and market analysis to the financial community. You get totally unbiased, independent research. No groupthink. No conformity. No click-baity headlines. We call it as we see it, completely void of any hype or agenda.

Click the video below for more details, and subscribe to Leavitt Brothers research.