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Matching Low
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Pattern: reversal
Reliability: high

A long black day is followed by another black day with equivalent closes both days.

The Psychology
In a downtrend or during a pullback within an uptrend, a long black day occurs signaling the bears being in control. The stock gaps up the next day but then sells off to close at the same level as the previous day. The more times a stock can successfully test and hold a low, the higher the chance a reversal will occur once the seller become exhausted. Strength the following day with volume would confirm the pattern.

The bullish Matching Low is similar to the bullish Homing Pigeon.

Here is a great place to go long a bullish Matching Low formation. In a steady uptrend, TNE pulled back and formed the pattern right at a previous support area.

NEM was slowly moving up when it formed a bulling Matching Low pattern. The stock immediately moved higher (probably coincidental) and continued its move up.

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