Trading Courses Offered by Leavitt Brothers

Trading is part art, part science.

It's part mechanical and part intangibles.

The mechanical part is the charts and indicators. It's trade setups, trends, quant studies, sector rotation, market strength, group strength and more.

The intangibles part sets the stage and is the glue that puts everything together. It's the soft skills and knowlegdge and approach. It's how you think about the market, how you view trading, and how you handle various situations.

You cannot succeed in trading without both.

A poker player who knows 3-of-a-kind is better than 2 pairs can't win without an approach.

A baseball player who knows hitting theory won't be successful unless he also knows how to hit and has practiced.

It takes both hardware and software. And for each, we have a course. For more information about each...

The mechanics, the science
Jason Leavitt's Masterclass in Trading

The intangles, the art
Guildlines to Successful Trading - the Intangibles