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Upside Gap Three Methods
Upside Tasuki Gap

Upside Tasuki Gap
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Pattern: continuation
Reliability: moderate

A long white day is followed by a second long white day that gaps in the direction of the trend. The third day is black and opens within the body of the second day and closes within the gap.

The Psychology
In an uptrend a gap is partially filled. This is simply a profit taking scenario. We have a strong stock in an uptrend that pulls back. As long as the black day is on lighter volume, the bulls will most likely retake control soon after.

The bullish Upside Tasuki Gap is similar to the bullish Upside Gap Three Methods.

DIS was in a steady uptrend when it formed a bullish Upside Tasuki Gap formation. Notice the large volume on the up days compared to the lighter volume on down days. That was dead giveaway that higher prices were to come.

ATW formed a sloppy bullish Upside Tasuki Gap pattern at the same time it broke resistance. The trade was to play the breakout, but if you missed it, you could go long when support held at 24.5.

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